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Founded in March 2001

The Panama CyberNews is an online magazine featuring news briefs and events in Panama.

In 2006 the PanamaCyberSpace News was awarded the coveted “Arroba de Oro” for its website.

Cybernews Editor

  • Panama CyberNews Editor
  • Former Liaison Officer
  • Writer-editor for the Tropic Times
  • Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts
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Notable Panamanians

  • Artist & entertainers
  • Writers, novelist and poets
  • Entrepreneurs and politicians
  • Religious and public figures
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We have subscribers in Panama, throughout the United States, (Including Puerto Rico), Zimbabwe,, U.S. Virgin Islands, Brazil and Canada.

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Our Key Statistics

18 Years of Publication

We thank those of you who have supported our journalism efforts during those 18 years. Without you there would not be a Panama Cyberspace News offering a variety of news items of interest to residents, expats, citizens and friends of the Republic of Panama.

  • Worldwide subscribers
  • Thirty dollars ($30) annual fee
  • Two monthly editions
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Events In Our Community

Black History Month in Panama

Black History Month in Panama

This month serves to highlight the contributions people of African descent have made to Panama.

Know Your Canal 2019

Know Your Canal 2019

Conmemorar el aniversario de la apertura del Canal de Panamá y reconocer la contribución de hombres y mujeres afrodescendientes en su...

Panama Canal Administrator

Panama Canal Administrator

Dr. Ricaurte “Catín” Vásquez was appointed the new administrator of the Panama Canal as of September 1, 2019.

105th Anniversary Gala Event

105th Anniversary Gala Event

In Commemoration of the 105th Anniversary of the Panama Canal

2019 Panamanian General Election

2019 Panamanian General Election

The May 2019 general election in Panama will be closely contested between the country’s three major parties.

Azuero International Fair

Azuero International Fair

You are invited to join our CyberNews one-day excursion to the Azuero International Fair in La Villa de Los Santos, province of Los Santos.

XXXVIII West Indian Fair 2019

XXXVIII West Indian Fair 2019

Great music, incredibly friendly people, dancing, eating, singing, happy Caribbean music to set the mood, a lot of smiles and of course eating.

SAMAAP Inauguration

SAMAAP Inauguration

The inauguration of SAMAAP’s board of directors took place on Tuesday December 4th, 2018.

Notable Panamanians

This is a dynamic list of notable Panamanians who were born or who live or formerly lived in the Republic of Panama. You are encourage to contribute and help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries of other Panamanians who have contributed to our culture, heritage, business and country.

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What Our Subscribers Are Saying

I recommend!

On a 'partial transit' cruise to the Canal, narrators describe the area and point out the new locks being built as part of the expansion program. The view of Panama City as it pops into view is quite impressive, I definitely recommend.

Daniel Lawrence Chiriqui, Panama
18 Years of Service

Congratulations on 18 years of remarkable service to the Cyberspace news community. I believe it has been the most effective way to keep us connected with family, friends and events to celebrate our heritage.

Gloria (née Chela Reynolds) Kodzwa Zimbabwe
Exciting edition

Exciting February 1 edition, Carmela. I love the new segment of persons seeking partners. I also had a good laugh at the pronunciation of the Spanish pronunciation of words. Keep up the excellent work.

Exciting edition
All the work

Hi Carmela: I just want to thank you or all the work you have been doing with the CyberNews newsletter. It sure is a good way for those of us who are away from home (Panama) to keep up with what’s happening back there.

Great silent work

I like these publications very much for the information they offer. It keeps one connected with the most important events at the family and social level. I take this opportunity to congratulate them for their great silent work for the benefit of many.


Latest News

The Panama Cyberspace News was founded on March 1, 2001 by Carmela Lowe Gobern. We provide subscribers on the 1st and 15th of every month with an 18-page report of news briefs, activities, events and happenings in the Republic of Panama in the comfort of their home or office.

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