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Founded in March 2001

The Panama Cyberspace News is an online magazine featuring news briefs and the new CyberNews Online Calendar 2021.

In 2006 the PanamaCyberSpace News was awarded the coveted “Arroba de Oro” for its website.
In 2020 PanamaCyberSpace News was awarded the Best Online Panamanian News Portal.

Cybernews Editor

  • Panama CyberNews Editor
  • Former Liaison Officer
  • Writer-editor for the Tropic Times
  • Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts
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Notable Panamanians

  • Artist & entertainers
  • Writers, novelist and poets
  • Entrepreneurs and politicians
  • Religious and public figures
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Celebrate our 200 years of Independence by transiting the Panama Canal

On November 28, 2021, the Republic of Panama will be celebrating 200 Years of Independence from Spain (1821-2021). For that occasion, we are inviting you to celebrate with us on a partial transit (4 hours)of the Panama Canal aboard the M/V Pacific Queen. The Panama Canal, is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

The Pacific Queen is a Norwegian-built boat, designed specifically for day tours and cruises, with a capacity for 300 passengers


20 Years of Publication

We thank those of you who have supported our journalism efforts during those 20 years. Without you there would not be a Panama Cyberspace News offering a variety of news items of interest to residents, expats, citizens and friends of the Republic of Panama.

  • Worldwide subscribers
  • Thirty six dollars ($36) annual fee
  • Two monthly editions
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Notable Panamanians

This is a dynamic list of notable Panamanians who were born or who live or formerly lived in the Republic of Panama. You are encourage to contribute and help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries of other Panamanians who have contributed to our culture, heritage, business and country.

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What Our Subscribers Are Saying

Virtual Program

Thank you for the beautiful 20TH ANNIVERSARY VIRTUAL PROGRAM last night render with you and family. Twenty Years-sharing, memories of our beautiful country and cultures up to date with us.

Dorothy Edwards New York
Nuestras felicitaciones

Hola Carm y Alonso: Nuestras felicitaciones por el aniversario No. 20 del Cyberspace News y muchas gracias por el certificado de apreciación que nos diste por los 20 años de haberlos apoyado.

Maritza Chan Panama
20 Years of Service

What an awesome way to celebrate your 20th Anniversary! It was well done! Way to put on a first class act and agenda! I submit a salute and a toast for a successful tribute. May God continue to bless both of you to fulfill your purpose.

Marcia Smith Williams Texas
The diversity

Congratulations on your article. Some will learn and appreciate the diversity and contribution of the Afropanamanian and others will continue to complain and find fault. Keep shouting from the mountain top...

Rebeca Savory-Romero Texas
Productive citizens

Dear Carmela: Just a brief note to applaud your comments on "Día de la Etnia Negra Nacional"! We have come a long way in receiving recognition of our rights as productive citizens in the countries to which we were originally brought.

Lilia María Francis Brazil

Latest News

The Panama Cyberspace News was founded on March 1, 2001 by Carmela Lowe Gobern. We provide subscribers on the 1st and 15th of every month with an 18-page report of news briefs, activities, events and happenings in the Republic of Panama in the comfort of their home or office.

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