I recommend!

On a 'partial transit' cruise to the Canal, narrators describe the area and point out the new locks being built as part of the expansion program. The view of Panama City as it pops into view is quite impressive, I definitely recommend.

Daniel Lawrence Chiriqui, Panama
Nuestras felicitaciones

Hola Carm y Alonso: Nuestras felicitaciones por el aniversario No. 20 del Cyberspace News y muchas gracias por el certificado de apreciación que nos diste por los 20 años de haberlos apoyado.

Maritza Chan Panama
Virtual Program

Thank you for the beautiful 20TH ANNIVERSARY VIRTUAL PROGRAM last night render with you and family. Twenty Years-sharing, memories of our beautiful country and cultures up to date with us.

Dorothy Edwards New York
Best trip ever!

I lived in Panama for 24 years and never took a trip to the Canal until I moved to the US. Thanks for offering this service to expats! It was an incredible experience that I recommend to allwho are still in Panama or planning to visit.

Sandra Ward St Jones Miami Fl
Best trip ever!
Productive citizens

Dear Carmela: Just a brief note to applaud your comments on "Día de la Etnia Negra Nacional"! We have come a long way in receiving recognition of our rights as productive citizens in the countries to which we were originally brought.

Lilia María Francis Brazil
Exciting edition

Exciting February 1 edition, Carmela. I love the new segment of persons seeking partners. I also had a good laugh at the pronunciation of the Spanish pronunciation of words. Keep up the excellent work.

Exciting edition
Best thing to do

Is it best thing to do when in Panama. We've done Princess through the Canal 3 times. Obviously, we've enjoyed it! Have a wonderful time. Read The Path Between The Seas before you go for some excellent perspective.. Enjoy.

Rigoberto Douglas Queens, NY
The diversity

Congratulations on your article. Some will learn and appreciate the diversity and contribution of the Afropanamanian and others will continue to complain and find fault. Keep shouting from the mountain top...

Rebeca Savory-Romero Texas
Thanks for sharing

I congratulate you on the topic that you chose for your new 2017 calendar, I am very glad that it has been well received by your wide clientele. I congratulate her for her work so complete, because it helps us to preserve our customs.

Thanks for sharing
My bucket list

Now is a great time to visit the Panama Canal and take a partial of full tour. An expansion project, which added another set of locks, opened in 2016. Carmela and Alonso are the perfect hosts. This cruise was at the top of my bucket list.

Tenorio Rivera Austin, TX

Dearest Carmela:
Congratulations on 18 years of remarkable service to the Cyberspace news community. I believe it has been the most effective way to keep us connected with family, friends and events to celebrate our heritage. You have documented well the one off historical events in our country, the latest being the Youth Crusade with the Pope.

The publication has been widely shared as memories of this event but also the hospitality of the Panamanians. I met with the youth, in Zimbabwe, before they left and now that they are back. They had a memorable visit. They commented on the highly developed country, loved the metro, the weather, and friendliness of the people. Congratulations again, and wishing you and your small team warmest regards, Makorokoto (congratulations in Shona – local language) Well done. Wishing you all many many more years of success.
Gloria (née Chela Reynolds) Kodzwa (Zimbabwe)

Blessed journey and I really enjoyed reading the information. Best wishes to you and your husband…I am proud of you both. BENDICIONES.
Fermin Whittaker (California)

Hi Carm, Hi Alonso:
Congratulations on the 18th year anniversary of the Panama Cyberspace News. What a milestone, and what a blessing you have both been, to our community, throughout those 18 years. Thank you for all that you’ve done and for all that you continue to do. May God bless you both.

Edmundo Johnson (Texas)

Dear Carmela and Alonso:
Congratulations, and continue doing the spectacular job of keeping us informed with the news, and happenings from the Mother Land. Melinda Merritt (New York)

Congratulations, Carmela on the 18th Anniversary of my beloved Cyberspace News. You have done an amazing job of keeping us so informed on our beloved Panama and about our neighbors all over the world keep up the work and I will always be a subscriber to the Cyberspace News. Blessings to you and Alonso. Always,
Amelia Thom (Indiana)

Congratulations Carmela y Alonso. What outstanding and actually amazing dedication to those of us who are receiving the CyberNews and Cyberspace. You have shown excellence in the information you send to us. The labor of love for your work comes through in every edition. We encourage you to continue the using the skills/talent God has given you both. As always, blessings and Happy 18th Anniversary.
Larry and Cecele Hall (Florida)

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