Worship Service At The Rio Abajo Methodist Church

Worship Service At The Rio Abajo Methodist Church

You are invited to the English Worship Service at the Río Abajo Methodist Church at 8 a.m. on Sunday, May 26, 2019. This will be the Sixth Lord’s Day after the Resurrection and Communion Sunday. The church is located on 13th Street, Río Abajo, Panama City.

Members and friends are invited to attend worship service in afro-centric attire to commemorate “Día de la Etnia Negra Nacional, 30 de mayo.”

  • The preacher for the day will be the Sis. Virginia Thomas (accredited lay preacher).
  • The steward for the day (sharing welcome/notices) will be Sis. Dorotea McGrinson
  • The liturgist for the day (leading the service) will be Sis. Ivette Waldron.
  • Children’s Ministry: The storyteller will be Sis. Elida Brown
  • Reader will be Sis. Claudette Adamson
  • The Gospel will be read from John 5: 1-9
  • Ushering Team No. 2 will be on duty.
  • The Rio Abajo Methodist Senior Choir, under the direction of Organist and Choir Director Esteban Goddard, will lead the worship and offer ministry in song.

Everyone is welcome to attend for a time of Christian fellowship and love!

The event is finished.


Sun May 2019


8:00 am



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