Gerardo Maloney

Gerardo Maloney

Gerardo Maloney

Sociologist, writer, educator
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His Excellency Professor Gerardo Maloney, Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago 2004 -2009. He was born in Panama, a grandson of Bajans, St. Lucians and Jamaicans.

Dr. Gerardo Maloney Francis. (Sociologist, writer, educator). Director of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, FLACSO, Panama 2011-present. Founder and President of the Center for Afro-Panamanians, CEDEAP; President of the Second Congress of Black Culture in the Americas, Panama, 1980, Vice Prime Directive 1st Congress of Black Panamanians, 1981; Honorary Chairman of the 2nd Congress of the Black Panamanians, 1983.

Gerardo Maloney is a director and writer, known for De carenero a Nueva Orleans (2002), Calypsonians (2017) and Una Noche de Calypso (2018).

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