Marcos G. McGrath

Marcos G. McGrath

Roman Catholic Archbishop
Brief info

Roman Catholic Archbishop. McGrath served as Archbishop of Panama from February 5, 1969 until his retirement on April 18, 1994. He graduated from University of Notre Dame in 1945 and gave up his United States citizenship to become a Panamanian. He was ordained into the priesthood on June 11, 1949, Congregation of Holy Cross, doing missionary work in Chile. He was consecrated Bishop of Caeciri on October 8, 1961, and then Bishop of Santiago de Veraguas on March 3, 1964. He advocated reintegration of the Canal Zone into Panama and openly condemned the violence of the Noriega regime.

He was an ardent supporter of the ecumenical Annual Easter Drama Cantata's and was one of the honorees of the Biblical Play "The Messiah" in 1984.

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